100 Independence Dr

Suite 7-202, Hyannis, MA 02601

100 Independence Dr

Suite 7-202, Hyannis, MA 02601

Build a Sellable Business

The most effective strategy for a business owner over the long term is to build their company as a valuable asset so that they are in the best possible financial position when they are ready to sell or retire.

There are eight specific drivers of company value, that when identified and leveraged properly, can greatly impact cash flow and profitability in the short term, as well as maximize the value received when it is time to exit the business.

Small Business Abundance uses The Value Builder System to help owners improve the value of their companies whether they want to sell their business for a premium today, or just want to wisely prepare for an exit down the road. Strategically planning and executing now, will greatly increase the value received later.

After analyzing over 40,000 businesses the system has discovered that those companies with a Value Builder Score of 80 or more received offers that were 71% higher than the average business.

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