100 Independence Dr

Suite 7-202, Hyannis, MA 02601

100 Independence Dr

Suite 7-202, Hyannis, MA 02601

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The Big Thing Holding Back Small Businesses

Small businesses stay small either by choice, or because they start chasing growth in the wrong places. When you strip away the layers, it all comes down to darts. Imagine a dart board with a bull’s eye and around it is a series of wider and wider circles. The bull’s eye is where the people just […]

Do You Want To Sell Your Business One Day? Then Maximize its Value

The value of your business comes down to a single equation: what multiple of your profit is an acquirer willing to pay for your company? profit × multiple = value Most owners believe the best way to improve the value of their company is to make more profit – so, they find ways to sell […]

5 Reasons Why Your Business Could Be Too Dependent On You

If you were to draw a picture that visually represents your role in your business, what would it look like? Are you at the top of an organizational chart, or stuck in the middle of your business like a hub in a bicycle wheel? The Hub & Spoke model is a diagram that shows how […]

The Four Ways To Increase Revenue in Your Business

Are you looking to add more revenue to your business? Most of us are at some point in the growth of our companies. When it comes down to it, adding more revenue to your business is a relatively simple concept.  There are only 4 ways to do it and they apply to just about any […]

Starting Vs. Growing Your Business

Starting Vs. Growing Your Business   Most company founders are good at the first stages of entrepreneurship. But in the phases that follow, they may only be average. Just because you have a knack for starting companies, doesn’t necessarily mean that those skills translate well into growing one.   There are celebrated cases of founders […]

Run Your Private Company Like It’s Public

Small businesses often operate as if their sole purpose is to fund the owner’s lifestyle, but the most valuable companies are run with financial rigor. You may be years from wanting to sell, but starting to formalize your operations now will help you predict the future of your business. Then, when it does come time […]

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