Small Business Abundance was founded by Eric Loftus to help small business owners create wild prosperity in all aspects of their companies so that they can spend time on the parts of their lives that they are truly passionate about, while being as impactful as possible in the world around them.

Since 2007 he has generated over $79 million in new transactions across multiple industries, developing simple systems to create incredible cash flow in any business. He and his team teach business owners how to do the same in their companies by working with owner’s specific goals, identifying ideal customers and clients, and implementing proven strategies to produce massive revenue.

At Small Business Abundance we believe that life is meant to be learned from, shared and enjoyed to the fullest, and that there is a world of abundance at your fingertips if you consistently add value, build relationships, and help others achieve what they want.

To further our commitment to using business as a force for good, we are committed to designating 20% of our profits to a combination of charitable causes and pro-bono work.